We serve a variety of drinks, snacks and meals on Nile it! Some comments on our food from Tripadvisor:

  • "Their restaurant has a variety of foods and they have a kids menu that's very great. Their bar is fully stocked."
  • "You will eat the best chapatis you have ever eaten in your life"
  • "Amazing food", "Delicious food"
  • "Nile it organized a great BBQ for us"
  • "The menu is extensive with lots of options for vegans/vegetarians"

Please note: We do not allow food and drinks brought from outside. If you want to bring your own favorite wine or spirit we charge corkage fees.

Or menu changes once in a while and sometimes (very rarely) we do not have an item available. Please check availability on site or ask reservations. For the buffet style meals please order in advance. All our meals are priced 28,000/= UGX, buffet style meals are 38,000/= UGX per person. Snacks are priced separately. We also serve a variety of cocktails and shots, and we have a varying list of special wines (sold per bottle).

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